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A Caution about Private Services
You may have seen ads for companies that say they can get you a record suspension faster, easier or “guaranteed.” The truth is, it’s impossible for them to speed up or guarantee the process or outcome. The eligibility requirements and process are the same for everyone, no matter if they apply through a company or on their own — everyone gets the same consideration. You do not have to pay a private company or a lawyer to obtain a record suspension, you can go through the process yourself and only pay the document and application fees. However, if you’re having difficulty with the process and would like some assistance, try getting information and help from: The Parole Board of Canada helpline (tollfree): 1-800-874-Your local John Howard Society (see back of this brochure for John Howard Society Ontario’s website address, which has contact information for the office nearest to you). Assistance is provided on a fee-for-service or sliding scale basis. Call your local office for specific information about the services offered there.